Friday, November 6, 2009

A week at home

Well it definitely wasn't uneventful. It was mostly nice but I can't say calm or relaxing were on the list of adjectives I'd use to describe my week.

Slow breakfasts

Time to practice crawling

Time to be goofy

And of course, time to play with some of our forgotten toys

There was also time for lots of not so fun stuff for mom:

Martin pooped in the backyard.

Allie then had to pee outside, except, you know, on herself.

The one time we did go out to the park, my car was broken into.

Doctor's visit because of code red crying but it turns out it was just Benito getting his first tooth.

Allie and Martin ran away on their first adventure without me. A heart attack and two spankings later we now understand that adventures can only happen within the confines of the safe and boring backyard.

Allie reorganized her closet.

Martin decorated his new (read: $$$$) bunk beds with stickers.

Four swine flu shots,

Three screaming kids,

Two runny noses...... and a yard full of dead t-r-e-e-s!!!

Come on sing it with me...... and a yard full of dead t-r-e-e-s!!


missmama said...

I am bringing you a beer on Sunday.

Amanda said...

What??? My kid isn't the only one that gets an occasional spanking?!?!? Whew! :-)