Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do you ever have days when you want more... or less... maybe just different? That strong urge to turn something completely upside down is festering in me right now and I have no idea how it will manifest itself. Redecorating? Moving? Career change? Lifestyle change? Hubby is scared.

Sky in the hillcountry, Texas.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Whoa there Nelly

You know how one moment things are running as smooth as they can.? Everyone, eats, bathes, and things seems almost normal? But as soon as you think it... as soon as you say... "Oh, everything's gr..reaaa..... " It all blows up? Yeah, that's where I've been. My kids were abducted by aliens... or wait maybe their Changelings ... no, I think they have to be babies to be Changelings *... well, then just Benjamin, the other two were abducted, but either way it's been a little crazy here with every body having a new catch phrase and all the adjusting that goes with that! So on any given day at any given moment insert these new phrases into any of your family's conversations and well, you'll be us.

Hubby: Fan-tas-tic!! (yes, super annoying. you can see my eyes rolling already, huh?)
Me: Are you kidding me!?!
Allie: What-e-ver (really she's only FOUR!)
Martin James: No I do it!
Benjamin: whaaaaaa ::snort, snort:: whaaaaaa


Background: It's early evening and hell has broken loose. Hubby just got home and wants to play with the kids. We are supposed to be at Mimi's house in five minutes for my Dad's birthday. Kids just woke up from a nap and need to get dressed. Baby is crying.

Me: Ok, guys let's get ready to go to Mimi's. Allie your clothes are on the bed, start getting dressed. Martin let's go to the potty before we leave.
Hubby: grumbling. Fan-tas-tic
Allie: What-ev-er Mom!
Me: Eyes buggin' out. grunts Are you kidding me?
In the bathroom.
Me: Ok Buddy, let me...
Martin: NO!! I do it!!You go by door. Leave me lone.
Me: Ok, but just let me...
Martin: NOOOOO I DO IT!!
Me: Fine, let's get to it. (I laugh to myself. Haha that rhymes)

Martin get's his underwear down in a record two minutes and gets on the pot. He's adjusted himself accordingly and starts to pee... all over me. Somehow it escaped through the hole between the two seats. **Really someone needs to invent a pee-through-the-hole-blocker!!*

Hubby: (running to the scene of the crime) Wha?? Sees pee all over me, floor, and with the aide of some magical talent -I don't know, maybe inherited- on the WALL. Fan-tas-tic.
Me: Yeah (rolling eyes). You're turn!


So yeah, where was I... We've had normal crazies here with a new personality joining the group and then throw in Hubby's new health problem, a four day trip to SeaWorld with a three month old, a wonky computer, newly potty trained two year old and a teething baby and whaaalaa! No time to blog. So here's the last two weeks in pictures, because I've at least uploaded those.
Yeah so maybe not. Someone ::coughhubbycough:: took more pictures of the animals than our kids.
First family picture. Yup! Starting Jillian's Shred videos on Monday.
Calling Shamoo
Petting and feeding the dolphins.
That's all folks!

* I'm reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and I LOVE it. So yeah, that's where the poem from earlier and "changeling" came from.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I bid thee farewell my summer.
You were harsh and quick with your fiery lashes.
And now when our finger tips are reaching out for just one last touch,
I know I will miss you 'til next summer,
When we can tumble in our torturous union once again.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Silence is Golden

Well except for when I need to make an appointment or answer the phone....


I woke up on Wednesday mute. Not even a crack in my voice. Gone. The first thing that erupted in my mind was How in the hell am I going to yell at my kids? But then I remembered when I lost my voice as a teacher, I managed 30 some odd kids and they all listened and we didn't burn the building down so surely I could do it with three???


So being mute for some reason has effected my ability to write. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm quiet and my mouth is directly connected to my brain? or fingers? Maybe all this peace and quiet has made me a normal, functional person and that leaves me with nothing to talk about. Maybe I'm so exhausted from having to listen to everyone all day since I can't tell them to shut up that I can't fathom the idea of interacting with more people even if it is just blogging or facebook?


Finally on Friday after perfecting my scary whisper-yell, I thought I could manage a Target run. Yeah, I know it's some sort of masochistic sickness. But you know what, we had a wonderful trip. Really, it was like I rented some kids and was in a parallel universe where the moms don't yell and the kids don't throw stuff, scream, or fight. And I even threw another ball into the pit, because my big boy Martin is no longer in diapers. So I was willing to bet my second born child ;) that he would have pooped on the floor or at least peed on someone. Nope. We all managed our bodily fluids like all-stars! I'm guessing since I couldn't run my mouth very much, the kids paid attention, that and when I DID parted my lips the voice of Zuul from Ghostbusters came out. Scary.Blank

Oh but we couldn't leave Target without at least one head tilting event. My children we being angels in the produce section and some nice old lady wanted to squeeze their cheeks, of course. Now usually, I step in and guide my kids through a polite conversation and you know try to steer the pinching fingers away from the frightening children. Well I couldn't this time. Allie got ahead of me and I couldn't shout, "HEY, get your cheesy smelling hands off my kid!!!" So I did the second best thing and smiled while I drove our basket to rescue Allie. The lady in the meantime is asking Allie a question that apparently she didn't feel like answering because she was too busy picking bananas for us. She asked a few more times and since I couldn't get Allie's attention without pssst-ing, clapping or slamming my hand against my leg (I save the dog calls for home use only) I just smiled. What else could I do? So get this, the lady, looks straight at me, with Allie now in arms reach and says, "Oh yeah, she probably doesn't speak English." gah....!!!!!!*eyes popping out, jaw dropping* It's amazing what people will tell you when you don't stop them.

I mustered up all the voice I had managed to save that day and wasted it on three very clear words (well in my Zuul voice). "YES SHE DOES!" Those three words have set me back two days. Still no voice.

I'm filing this moment with the "Are you the nanny?" one.

You tell them baby!! We've got a special kind of English for comments like that!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Baby Crafts

I finally did get around to my projects and my baby boy is so glad I did.

Bird Mobile - I've been wanting to make something to hang from Benito's hammock since he can see longer distances now. I saw this beautiful mobile on etsy but there was no way I could dish out the cash, so I made one. I loved all the different types of mobiles but decided on sleeping birds because Martin has a bird mobile and I just thought these "storybook" sleeping birds are soothing and easy to make. I also wanted to put a little bell or something inside the bird, but decided against it since my husband is a lite sleeper.
Taggie Blanket - I saw these tag blankets made with bags inside so they crinkle on Chasing Cheerios (tutorial here) and have to have a few. I used scrap ribbons and found a cute fat quarter to match and waaalaaaa! Benjamin loves it and now between the birds and blanket to keep him busy, I don't know what to do with myself!
Baby legwarmers - I found these long socks at Handcock and thought they'd be cute on Benito's chubby legs.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Stolen Moment

After an exciting day at the Science Museum the boys (I love saying that) were down for a nap, but my big four year old was wide awake. I was just about to sit down to a project when she picked up one of her birthday presents (Thanks Emily!) and asked if she could sew. We stopped time yesterday.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Vintage Baby Quilts
It makes me so happy to see my baby sprawled out on the blankets my mom saved from my childhood. It's almost inspiring enough to get me started making a few. At least three.

Soule Mamma's New book - Thanks Emily! (Oh and while you're visiting Emily, check out the adorable apron she made Allie)
Just flipping through this book makes me want to forgo sleep for days just to fit in a new project.
I love doing projects that are plucked from our own imaginations and use only upcycled materials, buuuuuut it's not happening lately. I'm really trying to sneak in projects and puzzles into our day which by the way is very hard. So one day I pulled this Christmas gift from my mother in law, out of the closet during Benjamin's nap. The kids LOVED it!! All the supplies was right there, easy to do, cute puppets in less than an hour that the kids played with FOR hours! Then lo and behold, Allie unwraps a birthday present and now we have another one waiting for us when we can grab a few uninterrupted minutes! Create your own BOOK!!! How fun is that going to be?
Spinach Salad
When I was so lucky as to have friends bring me dinner after I had Benjamin, I was introduced to a new salad. It's so simple and easy to make. THANKS Star!!!
Toasted Almonds
Mandarin Oranges
1T Soy sauce
3T Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar
1/2 cup of Canola Oil
1-2t. of Sesame Oil

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sea Princess (Mermaid) Party

Yay the pictures are in. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this birthday thing. I've gone from parties that were very expensive and wasteful (2 year Nemo) to very handmade and wasteful (3 year Pirate Princess), then handmade, eco friendly but time consuming (2 year Curious George). This year, for Allie's fourth, I was able to reuse the decorations, plates etc. from Martin's Curious George Party and I only had to buy a few things to add to the mermaid theme. We had the party at our pool which was easier and harder all at the same time, but I think that everyone had a good time. The best part of the whole day was when Allie saw her cupcakes and said, "Mommy, THANK YOU!! They are so special to me." How did I get so lucky to have such a thankful child?
Invitations - Again Tiffany did an awesome job! Check her out at http://www.miragreetings.com/ Of course my expert photoshoping takes away from how perfect the invites were.
Cupcakes- I think I might have found my recipe. I made chocolate cupcakes, topped with crushed graham crackers and a marshmallow fondant star. I also made vanilla cupcakes with blue butter cream frosting and a fondant mermaid. Dontcha love Allie's helper?

Table - Once again I took horrible pictures. For the tables I used some white table clothes I had already, fish net and some sea shells. Mi familia.

Food - We kept it simple and had hot dogs, chips, watermelon, veggies and cucumber sandwiches. You know you love my pictures?!?! I just wanted to show you my food covers that I LOVE! Oh and my son's cute head.

Treat bags - I used a candy mold and made some chocolate seashells then packaged them in a bag with raw sugar to look like sand. I thought they were cute even though the picture sucks and I'll never give chocolate as a party favor at a pool party again. Why you ask? Too hot. Chocolate shells that took hours to make turns into a chocolate blob. Duh

Entertainment- The POOL!! Best idea ever.