Friday, September 12, 2008

My Lovely

My beautiful Elm tree was never named when we moved in. We've just been calling her Lovely, but I think we are going to officially name her Tina because Ike is beating the crap out of her right now. Poor Tina.


A little comfort food? I had to make room for more beenie weenies and tuna, so I took out a cake mix from the back of my pantry and made this cake.

Picking up

I don't think you can hear me very well. Yeah photobucket stopped working for me. booo


Catastrphic - Word used the MOST by all local reporters.
Hunker Down - Texan for hold on to your underpants.
Hurrication- Mini vacation for all those that flee.
Hurricanitis- What we're all feeling after a very busy hurricane season.
Hurricane slogans - Well I guess they are more like our last attempts at rhyming humor in a catstrphic situation. My favorites so far have been: Take a hike Ike and Stay away Fay.

Take a Hike IKE!!

Well this guy just might live up to his hype. The mayor just announced that we will have an enforced curfew starting at 6:30p.m. I feel like I HAVE to go somewhere now. I mean I have a whole hour and 30 min!!

No really, I'm a little nervous and writing helps. Apparently cooking does too, because I'm baking a banana cake and wanted to start cooking dinner for the kids at 4:30.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here birdie, birdie...

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I'm back. The party is over and I'm back at the gym.... all is well. Well... kinda. I'm still sorting through gifts. You know, some we have already, some require work to put up or assembly, some can be returned with gift receipts, and some will be regifted or donated. Yeah, you know you don't want to admit it and you would lie all the way to your grave before you told the generous gift givers, but it's true. We all do it. It's ok. So, I've been lazy and the gifts that are awaiting their sentence are lined up in my room on the floor. BAD idea. BAD. Who would have thought that a still sugared up and jittery three year old would break into her mother's room to tear through the "forbidden" gifts??? Yeah, I should have seen it coming too.

Hidden in a bag, in a bag, in a bag was A's bird feeder that was waiting to be strung up by Daddy. Yes, I'm trying to tie the blame to now it's HIS fault, right? Well I guess she was anxious to feed the birds and being freshly three and all she is still lacking the strength and knowledge of cause and effect to be able to.... well I'll let you see for yourselves.

Yup, that's a whole bag of bird seed on my carpet and in case you were wondering, and NO the birds haven't eaten it all yet.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pirate Princess Party

Yay our Pirate Princess party was a hit! A had the best time and is still asking if we can do it again. Here are a few pics of the the party.

Pirate Princess Invitations - Tiffany did an awesome job again!! More on them here. Birthday Banner - This was just construction paper and left over foam skulls.

Pirate Princess Pinata- We have a local pinata place that custom makes them for TONS cheaper than the tiny ones at party city.
Pirate Princess Decorations on the Table - Michael's and the dollar stores had their Halloween stuff out already.

Treasure chest - I had all the kid's hats (Michael's), beads & rings(local party warehouse) and eye patches (I made these with felt and elastic) in here. Balloons - I ordered these from along with the plates. I just filled in the rest with hot pink and black.

Cake - It didn't turn out how I expected, but the kids loved it and I loved that it was done! Party Favors - I made some booty bags and threw in a few chocolate coins. More on these here. Hot dog Pirate ships - I uploaded the instructions on how to make there here.

Super A - My mom make A a cape for her birthday!!
Pirate wench - My aunt dressed up like a pirate and help tatto the kids! They loved it!
Pin the patch on the Pirate - We were all set to play, but it was hot and I couldn't get the kids all in one area so we passed on it. Buuuut my mom and dad did a great job making the poster and we'll save it for halloween!
Fun times... ARRRRR