Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holy Birthday Batman!

Wow! What a year. I had to go back and read my letter to you last year, because it seems impossible that one person could have changed so much in one tiny, twelve month year. I can't believe that with every year that passes, I'm continually surprised with how fast you guys grow up.  You'd think that after five years, it wouldn't catch me off guard, but sure enough, twelve months later, here I am writing about how shocked I am that you've grown up so much.  This past year, my writing has all but ceased and I'm trying my damnedest to make time for it.  Unlike my fellow scrapbooking and journaling mom friends, I don't have the patience to freeze time on paper.  This is my record, my tribute to every horrible and wonderful moment I want to capture and remember.  And now that it's been three months since I've started this entry, I'm determined to finish it, because, baby boy, I want to remember our moments.  The moments between three and four that helped me know you better, the moments I smile about later while daydreaming, the moments that hopfully I'll remember and be able to retell many years from now to my future grandchildren.

The day you were born, one of the first decipherable sentences that came out of my mouth was, "Look babe, he's like a little old man." You were so long and skinny, but with the face of a little old man. It was almost like you knew what this whole world was about already and you were annoyed that us young folk were messin' with your rest time. I still see this approach to life dominate your personality. I think for the first three years of your life, you've been trying to tell me who you are, but I just didn't hear you.
Look at that little old man face.
Well baby boy, we hear you, loud and clear.  This past year, you've found your voice. You know exactly who you are and I naively have been trying to teach and mold you to function in this world, when I should have been quietly listening to you tell me who you are and how this world will function with you in it.

Your first sleepover with the Hall girls.
Baby boy, you amazing me.  Your unwillingness to yeild to social standards and people's expectations makes me rethink my actions.  Your determination to follow through with a task once you've commited inspires me.  Your clever humor amuses me and your tendenancy to be selective in who you love but not how much you love favors me.  I love you and everything you are.  Happy birthday Martin James. 
"nana-nana-nana----bad mood"

O"fish"al swimmer certificate

Goofy boy


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