Monday, June 20, 2011

The no theme, theme

My poor third baby.  After pirate princess, dinosaur,Nemo, Curious George, superhero and mermaid parties, I guess I'm tapped out.  Benjamin had a low key first birthday, like Allie and Martin, but then all I could come up with for his big boy two year old party was... dirt.  Really there is nothing else this kid likes more than to get dirty.  Well, maybe to get wet.  So, wet and dirty, that's all I've got and it doesn't make for a solid birthday theme.  I know, I know he'll live and really, he DID have an awesome party. 

Bright and colorful, just like my baby.  Thanks Tiffany for another awesome invite.
Games and things Benjamin loves to do:

WATER: We rented a slip-n-slide from a family friend (Angel's Moonwalks) and it was the best idea for a summer birthday.  EVERYone from the birthday boy to his 63 year old uncle had a blast.

Getting dirty:  With all the shovels and dump trucks the kids had a good'ole dirty time at the sand table.
Balls!!!  We filled up our baby pool with a little bit of water and a ton of balls.

Hitting things!  Fortunatly for his bother and sister, this time it was a pinata.

Things Benjamin loves to eat!

Ben's favorite foods: hot dogs, fruit and chips!  I bought these little fast food baskets and lined them with butcher paper for an easy clean up.

Snow cones!
I bought a little Sunbeam snow cone maker from Target.  Great investment for summer!  I made the syrup with a simple syrup mixture and two koolaid packets. No highfrutose corn syrup here!

Lemonade!! This is so much easier than box drinks and sodas!

I know it's hard to tell, but he just destroyed a piece of watermelon!

In honor of Benjamin loving to be dirty, I made dirt cake in individual dump trucks.  The trucks also served as the party favor.

And messes they made...

And his favorite thing of time with good friends. 

Thanks kids for helping us celebrate Ben's second birthday!

So I guess we did have a theme after all.  "All things Ben".  Love you baby.


Rebecca said...

Ok, you have to give yourself credit for a GREAT party! That looks awesome! And I think a water party IS a theme in itself! I LOVE the dirt cakes in the trucks. Too too cute!

Sarah and Matt said...

Great pictures! Do you mind if I ask where you found your little dump trucks? We have decided to do the same theme for our son, but can not find small trucks to serve cake in. Google brought me to your page!