Friday, October 12, 2007

Am I a Grown-Up Yet?

Ok so I rented a movie on Tuesday, it's Friday and I still haven't seen it! I remember my Mom doing this my whole life. She never watched a show all the way through. I don't think she's seen a comercial since 1980, because those were her mini-marathons when she folded the laundry, straightened up the kitchen, scrubed something or just got up to run around in cirlces because she simply couldn't sit that long. The same senerio plays out during all meal times as well. Mom is the last one to sit down and all through the meal she jumps out of her seat 10 seconds before you can think of what you need. Why do we do this?

Today I was watching one of the few shows I actually sit down to watch and I think I got up about 10 times... Wipe the counters, put away the pumpkin bread, check on the kids, fold the towels, reload the washer and dryer, bring the cat in, finish loading the dishwasher and starting it, clean up the bathroom one last time.... yup that was 8 times, about the amount of commercial breaks in a one hour show.

So I am my mother. I knew the day would come when I'd have to admit it and it's here. As her child, I just wanted her to sit and enjoy the movie or meal with us instead of fussin' around. We wanted her company. As a mother, I just want everything to run smooth without my whole 'process' falling to bits. I want to fulfill my family's needs. I don't mind becoming my Mother so much though, because my Mom is a wonderful Mom and now that I'm behind the scenes running my own production, I can truly appreciate everything she did for us. The movie can wait a few more years.

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