Saturday, November 3, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Dear Lord it's been a busy few weeks. My son was baptized and the holiday of all holidays......... Halloween!!!!!
The baptism went as great as it could have gone with all the problems we had. First of all the cake was delivered to my house in pitiful conditions. It really looked like a really old person, without their bifocals and ANY cake decorating experience, scribbled my son's WRONG initials in his cake and then threw a hair in there and said, "Here ya go!" So I ranted a little and sent it back. Then as we were getting ready to go to the church, I'm finishing up my hair and running the last few things on my To Do List through my mind, when I say to myself....."What's it going to be this time? Something big ALWAYS goes wrong, what this time? The last thing on my list is to grab the birth certificate. THAT'S IT..... I won't be able to find the birth certificate and he won't be able to go through the ceremony, and all these people are going to be at the church and.... Just then, my husband walks into the living room as I'm getting the kids out and says, "Which shoes am I going to wear with this?" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???
Now back up a week or two. I asked him to pull out his suit, try it on to make sure it fit and I was going to take it to the cleaners. Why it never occurred to him to make sure he had shoes, is beyond me, but here we were. The exact minute that we had to leave to be on time and my husband has a pair of brown shoes to go with his black suit. Now here's the real shocker. I didn't stress over it. I told him to figure it out. Now in the past I would have stressed and it would have ruined my day, but he could have shown up in flip flops and I really wouldn't care. But you can't wear flip flops after Labor Day right? So, he called him mom and she brought him some black shoes to the Church and as he was going to put them on.......... yup the shoe lace broke. hee hee Just one of those days. Oh yeah, and our brisket never got smoked, so we had to buy it by the pound and a lot of friends and family never showed up to eat it! But all in all, like I said a great time was had.

Halloween was great. We rushed through pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, and costumes, but I'll arrange the pictures to tell a different story. We had a great time with great friends, but good Lord this is a crazy day that I can only see getting more hectic. It was a 'no nap' day, which if you have small child, you know is equivalent to a mental breakdown day for mommy. Allie couldn't even lay still because of her sugar rush from our daytime trick-or-treating. So we just pushed through, hoping that the sugar would carry her to bedtime and mask how tired she was. Martin and I just kept pumping her up with candy to make it through the party and trick-or-treating. Fun.

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