Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To all the confused supporters,

I know there are a lot of people who are confused about why I took away all of my babies beloved toys. I've written lots of emails, talked for hours on the phone and probably annoyed the hell out of my family talking about it all. So I'll unleash here for awhile to give them a break. First I want to say that the choice I made is very in sync with my personality. I'm a very passionate person. So this issue has been added to my crusade to rid the world of wrong-doers. =) Second, I whole-heartedly believe that everyone/mother who puts thought and a sincere effort into raising their children and doing what they think is right for their family is a good person. With that said, I just want you guys to know that just because I feel so strongly about this issue, doesn't mean that I look down on anyone who doesn't. So here it goes..
Getting rid of the toys -
I know what I did was extreme. I wanted it to be, so that I could get the attention of anyone who was looking in my direction. My hopes were that if I took it to the extreme it might, just MIGHT influence someone else to make a small change.
Why so extreme -
Our relationship with China has always bothered me. Their human rights policies, international policies, military tactics and the extremely uneven import/export relationship we have with them are some of the issues that come to mind. When the toy recall issue exploded, it was an opportunity for me to do something.I know there is nothing I can do to change China. My goal is to change US policy on how we deal with China. I know this is a huge thing, but my Dad always told me that if you aren't doing something about it then you have no right to complain. So I'm doing what I can. From what I've read, OUR policies are what are failing us when it comes to the safety of our children's toys. We simply don't have the money and man power to monitor and test ALL of the toys coming from China. (Actually the The Consumer Product Safety Committee doesnt test products until there is a complaint ) AND since we can't trust our own companies (not all of them but Mattel and FisherPrice to be exact) to test their own toys, then we really need our government to step it up.
And for those of you who think what I did was TOO extreme, here is a list of other things you can you do to show your protest-
Write your Representatives. http://www.house.gov/writerep/ A bill has been passed to improve the CPSC, but show your support.
Write to Mattel
Don't buy any more toys from China until something changes in the US screening of imported toys. Here is an interesting article on how upper class Chinese are buying foreign toys. FYI- If you are buying MIC.... Most local toy stores get their toys from smaller factories in China which were not part of the big recalls.
Check out this site. http://www.healthytoys.org/ They have screened toys for lead and other chemicals that the US doesn't regulate. HomeDepot sells lead kits to test your toys, but if you are really concerned, which I wouldn't be, you could always have your kids tested at the doctors for lead. I really don't think that any of our would have lead poisoning, but if you are worried, you can go to the doc.
Every time you walk into a store make sure that the owner knows you are looking for toys not MIC. It wasn't too long ago that we, as Americans, took pride in buying our own brands, maybe if we support our toy makers they will be more available to us.
Buy your family this shirt. **unless of course it's made in China**Now that would be funny.

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