Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here birdie, birdie...

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I'm back. The party is over and I'm back at the gym.... all is well. Well... kinda. I'm still sorting through gifts. You know, some we have already, some require work to put up or assembly, some can be returned with gift receipts, and some will be regifted or donated. Yeah, you know you don't want to admit it and you would lie all the way to your grave before you told the generous gift givers, but it's true. We all do it. It's ok. So, I've been lazy and the gifts that are awaiting their sentence are lined up in my room on the floor. BAD idea. BAD. Who would have thought that a still sugared up and jittery three year old would break into her mother's room to tear through the "forbidden" gifts??? Yeah, I should have seen it coming too.

Hidden in a bag, in a bag, in a bag was A's bird feeder that was waiting to be strung up by Daddy. Yes, I'm trying to tie the blame to him...so now it's HIS fault, right? Well I guess she was anxious to feed the birds and being freshly three and all she is still lacking the strength and knowledge of cause and effect to be able to.... well I'll let you see for yourselves.

Yup, that's a whole bag of bird seed on my carpet and in case you were wondering, and NO the birds haven't eaten it all yet.

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