Monday, September 1, 2008

Pirate Princess Party

Yay our Pirate Princess party was a hit! A had the best time and is still asking if we can do it again. Here are a few pics of the the party.

Pirate Princess Invitations - Tiffany did an awesome job again!! More on them here. Birthday Banner - This was just construction paper and left over foam skulls.

Pirate Princess Pinata- We have a local pinata place that custom makes them for TONS cheaper than the tiny ones at party city.
Pirate Princess Decorations on the Table - Michael's and the dollar stores had their Halloween stuff out already.

Treasure chest - I had all the kid's hats (Michael's), beads & rings(local party warehouse) and eye patches (I made these with felt and elastic) in here. Balloons - I ordered these from along with the plates. I just filled in the rest with hot pink and black.

Cake - It didn't turn out how I expected, but the kids loved it and I loved that it was done! Party Favors - I made some booty bags and threw in a few chocolate coins. More on these here. Hot dog Pirate ships - I uploaded the instructions on how to make there here.

Super A - My mom make A a cape for her birthday!!
Pirate wench - My aunt dressed up like a pirate and help tatto the kids! They loved it!
Pin the patch on the Pirate - We were all set to play, but it was hot and I couldn't get the kids all in one area so we passed on it. Buuuut my mom and dad did a great job making the poster and we'll save it for halloween!
Fun times... ARRRRR


Rebecca said...

TOO much cuteness! :) You did such a great job on the party! Argh! (hee)

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! You throw an awesome party Momma!