Saturday, October 24, 2009

What the hell!?

What's that saying? "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

Allie dresses and undress a.l.l.d.a.y.l.o.n.g. And yes it was just as painful for me to type all of those periods as it is for me to wash all the extra laundry. This outfit is actually "in" though. I double checked the other day, by checking out some teenagers. Who would have ever thought the 80's would come back? I'm throwing in the rag and dressing crazy with her. Who knows it might even be the "in thing" this fall. Fairy princess/pirate/tea party? It could catch on... Someone who has time to keep up with that stuff should post and let me know. Thanks.
Martin is all about his penis right now. He wants it free to experience the world without barriers just like his hands. I guess I can't blame him. I'll spare you the pictures, though- my husband would kill me and I'm sure it's illegal, too. On this day, he felt like his two favorite things should be housed together. Yeah, we had a little talk about protecting mommies future grandkids.
Benito loves his chi chi. I've tried stretching out feedings, crying, a little formula. He's a stubborn little fella and willing to let everyone know it! Whatever!!! I give up!!!
I'm walking around topless with a bebe on my boob, Martin bare butt to the wind like a Scottsman and Allie dressed like the crazy ladies in Grey Gardens. At least the rolls are cute? Well they're all kinda cute, that's why I keep them around. So if you have the stomach to come a callin', please wait about 15minutes for us to open the door after you ring the bell. We'll all be running around getting decent.

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Becca said...

Me too. At least on the dressing from the 80s thing.

Who'd a thunk!?

But I looove the funky colors. So bright. Let's just leave the hair alone, eh?