Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Talk about last minute

Well it's that time of year again and the kids are so excited to see the Advent calendar out. It's not up yet but it's out!! This was my favorite part of the season last year and I'm hoping that I can follow through with it this year, seeing as how I can't get it together this year. Man, I was so on top of it last year. If you'll notice some of the harder activites are replaced with much easier stuff this year. Here's our list so far.

1. Decorate tree.
2. Write a letter to Santa
4. Make an Advent wreath
5. Christmas party with friends and family. Give Santa our list.
6. Celebrate St. Nicholas Day
7. Buy our ornament for the year
8. Make ornaments with our playgroup. I'm thinking of this one OR this one.
9. Make pine cone trees.
10. Make magazine trees OR bows.
11. Hang mistletoe and start kissing.
13. Make presents for grandparents
14. Call grandparents and sing Christmas carols
15. Make gift tags
16. Read a Christmas book and drink hot chocolate
17. Decorate gingerbread men.
18.Drive around to see Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music.
20. Make tamales with my family.
21. Watch a Christmas movie.
22. Cookie baking party. Friends come over and we all bake, eat and listen to Christmas music.
23. Discovery Green watch ice skaters and try hot apple cider.
24. Christmas Eve party!


missmama said...

I would say you are an awesome mama for even attempting any of those things! Remember they will love anything you do because their standards are a lot lower than ours! (lets keep it that way)

george said...

Well, I think you do to much, its quality not quanity of time that you spend with your loves. Remember your to keep your self happy first, because if Mama is not happy no one else.