Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's going on?

Last week I was a little shaken up. For the first time since I've been active online, I let someone or I guess something change who I am. Not a good thing. So I took a step back and immersed myself in who I am. I love to create, so that's what I've been doing.

We have a Thanksgiving tree. I loved this idea I saw on Beauty that Moves. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I hate that it's stomped over to get to Christmas. Hubby and I have really emphasized being thankful for all of our blessings and we try to verbalize it as much as possible. To write it is different.

Here are a few of Allie's contributions.

I finished my Advent calendar. I made the envelopes with scrapbook paper and inside each envelope is an activity we'll do to celebrate the season of Christmas. Here's where I got the idea and here's our list of activities. I LOVE the idea of really celebrating and not feeling like I was drugged the whole month of December and then wondering what happened on December 26th.

1. Decorate tree.
2. Set up nativity and act it out as we set it up.
3. Make an Advent wreath.
4. Holiday in the Park (local festivities).
5. Read St. Nicholas book (still looking for a good one) and set out our shoes.
6. Celebrate St. Nicholas Day - this is one of Hubby's traditions since his family is from Belgium. I'm going to try and hunt down a few recipes from his BonMama's recipe book.
7. Museum of Fine Arts - free today and they have an exhibit on how different cultures celebrate around the world.
8. Make ornaments - This will be with our playgroup and I'm deciding between the clove oranges and cinnamon ornaments.
9. Write a letter to Santa.
10. Make wreaths and candy canes for the tree. M and A can both do this AND I made them when I was a kid!!!
11. Hang mistletoe and start kissing.
12. Heritage Society's Candlelight tour (local tour of Christmas lights).
13. Visit Santa and watch the ice skaters in the mall.
14. Pick a star off the Be an Angel tree, buy gifts and wrap.
16. Make gingerbread men.
17. Watch a Christmas movie (maybe Charlie Brown?).
18. Call grandparents and sing Christmas carol (We Wish You a Merry Christmas - gotta start working on it now).
19. Drive around and see Christmas lights.
20. Read Christmas books and drink hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows.
21. Make tamales with my family.
22. Cookie baking party. Friends come over and we all bake, eat and listen to Christmas music.
23. Discovery Green (local) watch ice skaters and try hot apple cider.
24. Bake and decorate a cake for baby Jesus.

A Christmas gift for my new niece. Baby legs and baby shoes. The baby legs are super easy and I've made tons for both of my kids. I bought women's knee hi's for $2 and I think they look adorable with the shoes. The shoes were really easy too, once I learned what interfacing was.

Ok I think that's enough for today. I'm kinda cheating on next month's challenge, but if I didn't start until December, I wouldn't get it done. I'll elaborate more, but for the sake of recruiting I'll post some of my ideas on a homemade Christmas this year. Think about it. Maybe all of your gifts can't be handmade, but how about 5?2? maybe just one to start with this year.


Jessica said...

I love this idea and was just talking to a friend about having a homemade Christmas this year!

Crisa said...

Join us!! I'll be sharing ideas and hopefully other's will join in too!

missmama said...

Yey we are doing homemade too! Off to Joanns for some supplies....

(those baby shoes are sooooo cute I've been trying to work them out in my head for Isabella. I need soles that don't slip and are pretty durable. Any ideas?)

Crisa said...

Yeah, they sell the non-slip material at Handcock.

Sara said...

I'm in!