Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wonder Woman Birthday Party

Ok, I almost didn't list this blog, because really, do my friends and family need all this information and links? No, but I had a hell of a time finding Wonder Woman party ideas out there in the big, bad world of cyberspace, so... I'm going to do it for the moms out there who's daughters are tired of princesses, Dora, and hula girls. Here's to girl power!

Wonder Woman Invitations: Again Tiffany at Miragreetings rocked them out!

The table: I love cupcakes because they are so easy. So I had plain vanilla cupcakes with red, white and blue swirled icing. I also made a small cake with blue icing to put her WonderWoman peg doll and sparkler candles on. I wanted to top it with a Wonder Woman doll but those are $$$$$ so I just painted one after I saw this on etsy. I covered the table in a red, white and blue tablecloth. Our party favors are in the yellow bucket which had red, white and blue star ring pops from Oriental Trading.

Costumes: I didn't want to make capes, because I HATE sewing satin and I HATE cutting large amounts of fabric. So I settled on towel capes. Oh and I HATE sewing velcro. I know hate is probably too strong of a word, but after making 30 sandwich bags I was done with all the sewing. Anyways, I took a towel, sewed on the back logo out of felt, sewed on a button and little loop of elastic! Done. I also made Allie a crown and she had to have the arm cuffs.

Balloons: There are none for Wonder Woman. Red, white and blue stars plus a big 5 balloon.

Cake: The reason everyone will be pooping green the next day. =) It's not hard but I saw the idea here. I also had my first encounter with fondant. Easy. Expensive. I just rolled out the store bought stuff and cut out some stars to go on the cake.

Banner- I saw this awhile ago on Salt Water Kids and loved it for holidays. I thought it would go well with the whole Wonder Woman, America's female hero, theme so I whipped it up in time for the party.

Food - We had the all Amercian party food: hot dogs, chips and lemonade. My mom also brought the kids red, white an blue Popsicles. Oh, and watermelon!

Plates and such - I used my Preserve red and blue plates and cups. I also used our cloth napkins I made awhile back. Curious George party

So really the theme was American superhero, but shhh we won't tell Allie that.

Oh, and sorry about the post from yesterday. I was typing out Allie's letter and she decided to add to it. Now it's gone. So I'll be starting over tonight. Until then, her post will have to do. =)


Becca said...

Happy birthday Allie!

Crisa, these are great ideas. Just this morning Cora was showing interest in super heroes. I had forgotten about wonder woman. Thanks for sharing!

Paulette said...

What a GREAT party!!! I love your creativity and passion for your kiddos.

WonderMom said...

I'm in the process of planning a Wonder Woman & Superman party for my almost 3 year old daughter. I have to say, I am SO excited to do something *different* - thanks for the great ideas! Like you, I am able to reuse quite a few All American party items (like the decor from a military going away party earlier in the year). Thrilled! Great pics.

Anonymous said...

Awsome im also tiered of princess, dora and hello kitty themes, so im looking for womder woman and your ideas are great. Thanks for deciding to share