Monday, October 25, 2010


I was just telling my mom that I remember when I only had Allie and while she would take a nap in the afternoon I would clean my house like Martha Stewart's daughter-in-law on Thanksgiving Eve. Now I just turn my head in shame when I see Martha's face on the grocery store check out rack. I'm still in survival mode. Kindergarten is ok. I'm still not too excited about Allie being in our school system, and I'm having issues with the right balance of book education and character education that I want for my family, but to be honest I think I'll struggle with this the entire time my babies are in school and maybe some more. I am however, enjoying all of the excitement about "homework".

...and to even out all that chaos *up there* I bento and I love it! Allie does too. She finishes her lunch about 80% of the time! A mom told me she saw Allie and her best friend sharing cucumbers in the lunchroom. Love it!

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