Friday, March 28, 2008

Now I know

I remember a story my Dad told me a few years back. I think we were tossing around opinions on a heated subject, like we usually do, when he opened a little window to his past for me. He told me about the day JFK died. I wasn't born yet, and he was still young, so this whole event is such a mystery to me. Yeah, I've seen the movies and read about it in text books, but I just wasn't THERE. I'm not part of the generation that sat in front of the black and white TV or radio after dinner to listen intently to the president's words. I'm not from a generation that speaks about our world leader like he's a member of the family. I was not born in a time where "the people" trust or even have faith in our government. So when he told me that tears ran down my Grandmother's face as she watched the assassination of her beloved President, I was shocked and confused. Why would she be so upset about someone dying that she wasn't related to? No I'm not cold hearted. I understand that it was tragic and I too, would be very upset, but moved to tears? Now maybe that does sound cold, but you must understand the kind of person my Grandma is. Loving, strong, compassionate, ...yes, but easily moved to tears? No. So what was it that touched her so about this man? Again YES, I absolutely know about all of the wonderful ideas, brave stands, and life changing movements, but I never understood the moment, the feelings, or felt the tears. How can someone you've never even met evoke such emotion.
Now I know. Barack Obama is the JFK of my generation. He is crossing boundaries, breaking barriers and inspiring a generation that has been criticized for it's apathy. This man carries me. When he speaks I feel hope, when he shouts, I have chills. His ideals, vision and passion are exactly what I have in me. Now I know...

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