Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So the battle continues

Weight battle that is...Spring is here, well summer in our neck of the woods and it's HOT! Which means I'm suddenly aware of how out of shape I am and how hard it is to tote two kids and all their crap around in this heat with my OWN extra luggage. I've got a million excuses as to how I've gotten this overweight, having two kids in two years just being one of them, but I've got to get passed it and get in shape. So I'm on week three of weight watchers and I'm loving it. Mostly because I'm losing and devoting some time to just ME! Every day when I go to the gym I get to spend 40 whole minutes watching a show I want to watch and listen to MY music. All the while my kids are playing under the supervised eye of the fantastic women at the YMCA. Seriously they are my new best friends and I feel no guilt since my babies are well taken care of and having fun! Ok so it's not all peaches and cream as my grandmother would say, I'm hungry, real hungry. I don't think I ever stopped eating like I was pregnant and or nursing in the last three years, so it's like my stomach is begging, loudly for food. ahhhhhhhh the only solution, besides gnawing on my shoe strings, since I can't even eat more carrots without going over on points, is to go to bed...and dream of food. That's zero points right?

Ok I'll leave you with my before and motivation picture. Now normally I'd delete this pic, but look at my baby boy's face. I couldn't erase that memory. Why not crop you ask, well I hate that I'm cropped out of pics because of a few rolls. I was there too damnit, rolls and all!!

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