Monday, June 9, 2008

Cool Summer Savings

Gas is now $4.oo a freakin' gallon. Now I know compared to families struggling to get to work and school, I have no right to complain, but damn. I have to admit though,since staying at home, I did get caught up in over planning and going out of our way for events. We are still on a budget, and let's be honest I'm never on time, so things like Gymboree and swimming lessons were never an option. But even things like going to new parks and the YMCA are coming to a crying halt.

So now I'm frantically (well maybe not frantically but defiantly desperately), looking for things for us to do. Unfortunately, the stork didn't bring me some of those kids who like to sit and watch endless amounts of television. Nor do I have kids who can play quietly in their rooms, so those doors are closed. I also live ON the sun, so our cabin fever happens in the summer when it gets too hot and dangerous to be outside. So you see, the odds are stacked against me. I had to call my best friend for backup. She lives about 4 hours closer to the sun, so we came up with a few options.

Lazy and poor mom's list of summer activities.

1. Drop ice cubes in children's underwear and watch them try to get it out.
Cools kids off and fun for mom too.
2. Strip babies down and turn on the water hose. Mine like to water the
plants and grass, so it's one less chore for me too.
3. Cut a watermelon into fourths take it outside. If they eat a whole
fourth, then it doubles as lunch.
4. Draw pictures of all the places you wish you could go. Mail them
to the President of Texaco.

Ok so my list isn't very long. If you have more suggestions, please share.

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Netspartyof6 said...

You are so funny.. I love the last one, but I think you should send it to the president of Exxon..