Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When the cat is away, the mouse will ....

feed the kids sandwiches for dinner, put them to bed early and lie down in her underwear with a glass of wine!!

So I guess you can tell that my husband is out of town. He's on a business trip and I hope he's enjoying his time alone, because when he gets home I'm taking two days off. I'm getting my nails done, going out with a girl friend and maybe some shopping. phffft Yeah, like that'll happen.

I was worried how I'd do with Hubby being gone and the kids missing him. Well I guess I was more worried about how I'd handle not having a break and how much I'd miss him. I'm doing better than I anticipated though. We have had two very normal days of swimming and playing but when 6pm rolls around, my eye starts twitching and then my heart aches a little. I know, cheesy, but I've slept next to this man for the last seven five years. It's lonely being in the bedroom without him. So, I'm keeping busy and I'll work on this bottle of wine tonight, in hopes that I'll fall asleep quickly.


Anonymous said...

Im a single parent this week too. I do fine during the day and even in the evenings but at bedtime I become a mess and can't sleep.

Netspartyof6 said...

Oh my gosh.. This is me right now.. James has been gone for a week.. And tonight I am a mess.. Unfortunately I'm not sure when I will be reunited with him :( So don't feel sappy..We just love our men