Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where does it come from?

Today we had one of those wonderful days that just comes along and surprises you. We walked in the door tonight with a snoring babies and as I was laying my baby boy into his crib I caught a glance of my arm. Is that..? wha? Yup, ketchup! And on the other... ha cheese! Just one of those exhaustingly fun days.

We drove down to the beach and cleaned some of the smog out of our lungs with the sea breeze. After we had our fill of the hot sun, our toes were all sandy and a tummies full of salt water, we took our bucket of seashells and headed out for dinner. The Rainforest Cafe sounded like a good idea in the car while we were singing Surfin' USA in the car, but the one hour wait was a wipe out. Buuuut since it was just one of those great days, instead of fussing about it we went outside to enjoy the salty air and see where the afternoon took us. While we're wandering around and snapping a few pictures, we hear a nice little beat coming from behind us. How fun! A couple from "Hawaii" was about to put on a little song and dance show. Lots of singing and dancing and you wouldn't believe it if I told you, but my two year old got up in front of a big crowd and danced the hula!! Ok so I got it on video, because I knew you wouldn't believe me. Where in the world does a child get that kind of inhibition? I love it. I love seeing life through her eyes. The awe, the fearlessness and joy. Ahh to be young...



george said...

Isn't it great, now you started to be a parent, and it only the begining. And you thought you were a full pledge parent. Ha.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute. No shame. I wonder who she takes after. She makes me proud. Mimi