Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Baby Crafts

I finally did get around to my projects and my baby boy is so glad I did.

Bird Mobile - I've been wanting to make something to hang from Benito's hammock since he can see longer distances now. I saw this beautiful mobile on etsy but there was no way I could dish out the cash, so I made one. I loved all the different types of mobiles but decided on sleeping birds because Martin has a bird mobile and I just thought these "storybook" sleeping birds are soothing and easy to make. I also wanted to put a little bell or something inside the bird, but decided against it since my husband is a lite sleeper.
Taggie Blanket - I saw these tag blankets made with bags inside so they crinkle on Chasing Cheerios (tutorial here) and have to have a few. I used scrap ribbons and found a cute fat quarter to match and waaalaaaa! Benjamin loves it and now between the birds and blanket to keep him busy, I don't know what to do with myself!
Baby legwarmers - I found these long socks at Handcock and thought they'd be cute on Benito's chubby legs.

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Anonymous said...

You and Emily amaze me. I am just not a crafty momma. You guys need to start a store so I can buy all the stuff you make and I love.