Saturday, September 26, 2009

Whoa there Nelly

You know how one moment things are running as smooth as they can.? Everyone, eats, bathes, and things seems almost normal? But as soon as you think it... as soon as you say... "Oh, everything's gr..reaaa..... " It all blows up? Yeah, that's where I've been. My kids were abducted by aliens... or wait maybe their Changelings ... no, I think they have to be babies to be Changelings *... well, then just Benjamin, the other two were abducted, but either way it's been a little crazy here with every body having a new catch phrase and all the adjusting that goes with that! So on any given day at any given moment insert these new phrases into any of your family's conversations and well, you'll be us.

Hubby: Fan-tas-tic!! (yes, super annoying. you can see my eyes rolling already, huh?)
Me: Are you kidding me!?!
Allie: What-e-ver (really she's only FOUR!)
Martin James: No I do it!
Benjamin: whaaaaaa ::snort, snort:: whaaaaaa


Background: It's early evening and hell has broken loose. Hubby just got home and wants to play with the kids. We are supposed to be at Mimi's house in five minutes for my Dad's birthday. Kids just woke up from a nap and need to get dressed. Baby is crying.

Me: Ok, guys let's get ready to go to Mimi's. Allie your clothes are on the bed, start getting dressed. Martin let's go to the potty before we leave.
Hubby: grumbling. Fan-tas-tic
Allie: What-ev-er Mom!
Me: Eyes buggin' out. grunts Are you kidding me?
In the bathroom.
Me: Ok Buddy, let me...
Martin: NO!! I do it!!You go by door. Leave me lone.
Me: Ok, but just let me...
Martin: NOOOOO I DO IT!!
Me: Fine, let's get to it. (I laugh to myself. Haha that rhymes)

Martin get's his underwear down in a record two minutes and gets on the pot. He's adjusted himself accordingly and starts to pee... all over me. Somehow it escaped through the hole between the two seats. **Really someone needs to invent a pee-through-the-hole-blocker!!*

Hubby: (running to the scene of the crime) Wha?? Sees pee all over me, floor, and with the aide of some magical talent -I don't know, maybe inherited- on the WALL. Fan-tas-tic.
Me: Yeah (rolling eyes). You're turn!


So yeah, where was I... We've had normal crazies here with a new personality joining the group and then throw in Hubby's new health problem, a four day trip to SeaWorld with a three month old, a wonky computer, newly potty trained two year old and a teething baby and whaaalaa! No time to blog. So here's the last two weeks in pictures, because I've at least uploaded those.
Yeah so maybe not. Someone ::coughhubbycough:: took more pictures of the animals than our kids.
First family picture. Yup! Starting Jillian's Shred videos on Monday.
Calling Shamoo
Petting and feeding the dolphins.
That's all folks!

* I'm reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and I LOVE it. So yeah, that's where the poem from earlier and "changeling" came from.

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