Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Day 7 - To see Santa

Day 8 - Make ornaments for the tree with friends. We made THESE (I know it's too simple, who needs a recipe, but I like to read the comments) cinnamon ornaments. Super easy and they make the whole house smell yummy for YEARS!!
Day 9 - Write letters to Santa. I helped M with his shapes and A's list says: 1. House 2. Lipstick 3. Doll

Ok ladies, get ready. I have a few projects I've been working on and I'll post them tomorrow. How is your handmade Christmas coming along?


Sara said...

Very nice!

Our gifts are coming along well. I finished the capes, a tutu, and the doctor gown. I still have lots more to do, but we're getting there! Its been really exciting (and rewarding) to make all of this from scratch. I can't wait to see the kids' faces!

Bro #1 said...

Awesome.. wish we were there to help! Jorge C

Rebecca said...

I have been making aprons & capes for neices & my nephew (and my boys too)... SO I have 1 set of aprons done (making one toddler size and one baby doll size for each girl) out of 3... I have the capes 90% done, just have to hem the edges... and I'm making baby legs for my youngest niece. They are ready to go except the sewing. You really inspired me Crisa. :)