Monday, December 1, 2008

Wrapping it up

Well, I really enjoyed my challenge last month. It took a lot of preparing and was a pain in the ass hard for the first week or so, but I walked away from it with a new appreciation for perseverance of small business owners. With stores like Target, Walmart and ToysRus out there, who in their right mind would want to operate a small business??? People who care about quality and tradition, that's who. I loved that this journey led me into conversations with people who have contributed to our city, buildings that are older than my parents, and the realization that THIS ::imagine me waving my hands in the air in a circular motion:: is what I want to be about. Hard work, hope, family, and meaning.

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missmama said...

I loved this challenge. Although the month is over and I did cheat and go to whole foods, it was, over all, a real influence on our life styles. (run on?) I definitely will be keeping small business a big part of where our money goes. Thank you for the idea and the challenge.