Monday, December 15, 2008


I've been swallowed up or buried in all of my projects. Here's a drive by post with a few completed projects. More to come, I just haven't taken pictures.

Here is A testing out some fleece pants I made her.

Christmas pajamas. Here's a tutorial on how to do the reverse applique on the shirts and here's a tutorial on how to make the pants.

We usually don't get snow in our side of the world so I thought these would be cute gifts for the toddlers and babies. These are hand felted balls with a golf ball size wiffle ball and a bell inside. Here's the tutorial I used.

** Sorry Wendy I should have given the blog that inpired these. ***


missmama said...

needle felt or water felt? or both? soo cute. i loooove the pjs!

Wendy said...

great job! and oddly familiar lol


Crisa said...

So sorry Wendy I thought I linked to your blog too!