Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The challenge

There are many moments in my life when I have enough time to sit back and reflect on the decisions I've made, what is says about me and the person it makes me. When I was younger, I would reflect on my friend choices and the seriousness of the sins I confessed. In college, I would think about the classes I was taking and events I was participating in and how it would effect my carrer and my mark on the world. In this era of my life, most of my reflecting centers on my role as a mother and the choices I make that effect who my kids will grow up to be. Some days are not so good and other days, I lay down, very proud of the decisions I've made. I know the ups and downs are very normal for motherhood and most every mom I know goes through something like this on a regular basis. I just read Life with Boys this morning and Becca was talking about cherishing the good moments and wanting to erase the not so good ones. I KNOW exactly what she is talking about!

Ok, so the result of all this reflecting is crazy husband a monthly challenge!!

This month (I know it's late) is to do something artistic with my kids everyday. Last week we had a playgroup at our house and a friend of ours brought REAL watercolors! Not the crusty-and-impossible-to-paint-with-dollar-store paints. The kids loved it!! I was inspired so I've made an effort to pull out some sort of craft every day since then and my children's inner artists are flourishing from all the attention.


Rebecca said...

You rule! :)

missmama said...

we must be drinking the same water. i've made a point to bring out art supplies or set up craft projects for the boys a lot more as well. even isabella was finger painting AND tasted crayons for the first time this week.