Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The challenge is going pretty good this week. I actually have crafts planned and I'm looking forward to them. Yay! I've also decided what my challenge will be for next month. Well, I wanted to do it this month, but I needed to do some leg work to be successful. I'm going to buy everything from small businesses. I feel that with all the craziness going on in wall street, the one thing I can do to help out is to give our money and business to the people who really need it right now. So what does that mean? NO Target, NO HEB, NO large fast food chains or restaurants. Eeek!! Here's what I've got so far...

Medical stuff - I found an old fashioned pharmacy near buy that I'll check out very soon. I also have to see if they accept our insurance.

Clothes - Will all be from the second hand store. We do have lots of boutiques around here but we don't have the money.

Gifts and toys - I'm sure we'll have at least one birthday and I'm going to try to make most of our gifts, but there is a local toy store that we can support.

Crafting supplies - I'm on the lookout for a small business material and craft store. If all else fails, I'll order my supplies online from a small business.

Toiletries - I'm at a loss here. I can make most of my cleaners and I'm hoping this pharmacy will have toothpaste and stuff, but what about toilet paper??? Who's going to replace Target????

Food - This has been a toughie. We can hit the farmer's market for fruits, veggies, eggs, cheese and even flour and spices. We won't do organic, because what they have is just too limited, so we're doing local instead. Milk is still a big concern. Also any prepackaged stuff is almost non- existent. The market does have a few homemade goods, but stuff like cereal, crackers, chips, pasta, and jam aren't abundant. So, I've been searching for recipes that are simple and can replace all the box stuff we buy. This week I'm trying out a few of my recipes and I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with my honey graham crackers. We might have just booted Honeymaid out the door.


Rebecca said...

You SO have to share the graham cracker recipe... how FUN is that!

Crisa said...

The trick is to roll them thin so they can be crunchy.

Rebecca said...


Anonymous said...

Your are probablly the craziest sister I have! OH wait.. save me some crackers!