Friday, October 17, 2008

Nature Table

I saw this wonderfully simple idea on Salt and Chocolate to have a nature table in your home. I thought it would be a perfect way to display our renewed connection with nature. The kids spend tons more time playing out side and the fruits of their labor are little scraps of nature that I usually don't know what to do with. Well now they have a home. We have a nature "table" or in our case bar. A nature bar, where you can kick back, chat with old friends and load up on the good stuff.

The kids love climbing up on the stools and looking at all their treasures. We also keep our library books that M tries to eat special seasonal books on our nature bar too. Do you see Allie's spiders from craft time?

The kids are really into smooth rocks, pine cones and acorns. I love it!! Oh, do you see the dead grasshopper???? Niiiiiiiiice.

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