Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fully Recovered

Well I think things are completely back on track now. Ike was a tough one, but we were very blessed. We had lots of limbs down but no major damage. The aftermath, however, was a different story. 2.1 million people were without power and things did get a little difficult at times. We survived 12 days powerless just fine though and come out on the other end of a bad situation with a great new perspective.

Our lives were a little simpler and our appreciation a lot greater. My babies benefited from endless days outdoors exploring the "trash" in nature that is often swept up too quickly. The neighborhood came to life and people shared meals, and sunsets while their kids played in the street. The 4th largest city in our great nation slowed time and lived in friendlier world for about a week and a half. I'm hoping that some of these revelations stick around for my family and friends for a little longer.

Here are some snip-its of our adventure.

This is what we saw and heard for about 5 hours.

Camping out in the hallway.

Checking out the winds after the eye passed us.

My plant made it!!! AND she gave a big 'ole HELL YA to Ike with this beautiful bloom the day after.

.... and the clean up. We were lucky because this was the extent of our damage.

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christin said...

Glad you guys came through everything okay! :)