Saturday, July 18, 2009

Five Things I've Loving Right Now

I guess I should have posted this one before the "5 Things I Hate", huh?

Sisterly Love.I don't know if I've mentioned it but I have a horrible memory. Well, I can remember things, but I can't memorize things. It's okay, I'm dealing, buuuut it makes it really hard for me to know things like history dates, multiplication facts and song lyrics. So, when I first became a mommy I sang Allie some silly made up song that had all of two versus. Then, I moved to the ABC's when I was deliriously tired, because I couldn't even remember the lyrics to my own two-verse song. Then, Martin was born. Allie and I had been going to a Mommy and Me music class, and I studied really, REALLY hard to remember the lyrics to the lullabies. I mean, seriously, I'm bad at this. It's sad. Anyway, I studied really hard and was prepared to lull my sweet little boy to sleep with my newly memorized song, Hush Little Baby. Yeah, that was a flop! I think I got to the second verse and it went something like this... and if that diamond ring won't shine, momma's gonna buy you a girl so fine, and if that girl.... well you get the point. It was not very soothing because I had to pause every five seconds to run through the alphabet and find rhyming words! Now I've passed that, oh so wonderful, trait on to my daughter. She's a great big sister. Gives Benjamin his tut, holds him, kisses him, loves him aaaand sings horribly inappropriate versions of Hush Little Baby to him. Just one of the many versions: Hush little baby, momma's gonna buy you a ring *Benjamin starts wailing*....momma's gonna.... *his face is turning red* you...URGH!!! JUST HUSH!!!!!!

Country Boy. I love that I can turn the radio on at any time to a country station and my husband know all the words... and he sings. mmmmm nice. Now, if I could just get him into some boots! and chaps...

Happy Hangup. Wow this is one of those things that I wish I knew about with my first baby. Instead of hanging half off the bed to rock the stupid bassinet - that I always stumped my toe on - all night long! Not to mention that my poor babies only slept in the bassinet for a short time, because the paper thin mattress was so uncomfortable. The baby hammock is hung from our ceiling (with lots of bitching and moaning on daddy's part) so no more bruised toes and the best part is that every time Benjamin stirs the hammock bounces and rocks him back to sleep. HEAVEN!!

Mom of the Year! I love how neglecting my children has paid off!! They are so good at playing together or alone. Martin can play make believe for hours and only harasses his sister for half of that time. Allie's favorite game right now is mommy dog and baby dog. What does it involve? I have no idea because I don't play it! Poor Mimi gets roped into playing though. The only down side would be that my little boy frequently wears girl clothes and wants to be a princess, but all in all, I'll take it because it means I can be sane for part of the day.

Finger Lickin' Good. Not only is this my favorite thing that Martin says right now, but it's also what I say when the fabulous women in my playgroup bring us dinner. I cannot even being to say how much I love this! Around five 'o'clock when I've answered a million whys and swatted two pairs of hands away from the baby for three hours straight, an angel shows up at my door with a fabulously hot meal and I could just cry every time. I really love how this group of women take care of each other. My generation will never know what it's like to live in a time where the whole village helps raise your children. Both parents work, kids are in extra activities instead of playing in the yard, family doesn't live within walking distance and neighbors don't trust each other. Well maybe you get a few of these, but not all of them. This group of women has created a modern version of this village. We get together a few times a week to help each other regroup and let the kids play. We also help each other out when you need friends and family the most- like after having a baby. And, of course, we get together to refuel our supermom powers with a few beers or margaritas.


Amanda said...

I want to sleep in a hammock hanging from the ceiling!

missmama said...

aww you made me miss the group. i semi joined a group here and have been to two whole outings. Its just not the same. Not even close! Those pictures of your boys are tooo tooo cute! they need frames.