Monday, July 20, 2009

Our new and improved threat...

Yeah we've tried:

"Don't make me count" (... to three which includes two and a half, two and three quarters....)

" Do you want to go sit in time out? (where you play with all sorts of crap because I don't follow through and watch you)

" I'm going to give away your (most prized childhood possession that'll surely scar you for life) if you don't...",

"Do you want me to call your Daddy?"(This one does work even though I said I'd never be one of those moms.)

"If you don't behave, no Mimi's/swimming/movie night . " (Even though these are usually more of a treat for me than you)

....Well you get the idea. We're gonna shake it up this week though.

Threat of the week: If you're not a good girl/boy, Mommy and Daddy are going to feed you to the sand monster!

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