Saturday, July 11, 2009

To save my marriage-

Ok so I'm sure it's just my raging hormones but Dear LORD!!!! if you could get a divorce on the internet, I'd be single right now. Instead of Goggling to check IF I really could, I'll just vent for a second and be on my married way.

Five Things I'm Hating Right Now:

  • How the grown man in my house can make as much of a mess as the kids. Really?? Come on!!! Put a napkin or plate down before you butter your toast, put the dirty diaper in the trash, pick up your size 11 clog hoppers before someone hurts themselves and for my sanity's sake, please cover the damn food in the microwave!!

  • How my deodorant only works on one of my armpits since I've had Benjamin! How insane is that? What's worse is the my three year old has told me that I stink. TWICE. I think I might need to go "clinical" with my hygiene products.

  • Nap time. See picture below.

  • Nursing bras. Well maybe it's the boobs I put in them that I'm not liking. Don't get wrong, I LOVE nursing, but people should not be smaller than what they are eating!!!

  • How my dear husband glowers at me when I can't keep from shoving every single toxic but comfort food within a five mile radius into my mouth. It's like a cruel joke what nature does to our bodies after having a baby. When I desperately want to lose those last fifteen pounds from my pregnancy, my body seems to be possessed like the zombies from Night of the Living Dead, except my "brain food" seems to be chocolate and pasta!

My zombie picture frome 2007. Yeah my husband got in a lot of trouble for this one, but here I am sharing it anyway.


Amanda said...

Trust me, you are not the only one with a messy husband! Sometimes I swear that I am living with three children! Ugh. (Hey but they bring home the bacon - or most of the bacon in my case - so I guess I can't complain TOO loudly - haha)

missmama said...

Oh how I miss nursing a babe smaller than my breast! Now she screams "milk please" while pulling my shirt down.

P.S. ABC Family is planning a Harry Potter Marathon this weekend!