Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My new favorite line for telemarketers...

I've got three kids. They're all screaming. Gotta go!

I have this thing, where I can't not answer the house phone if I can reach it. We don't have Caller ID for this very reason. It doesn't matter if I know who's calling or not, I can't just let it ring a bazillion times before the annoying answering machine picks up just to have to listen to a few more beeps and THEN the message. Nope it's quicker to just pick up the phone and turn 'em away before they can get full stride into their pitch. Most of the responses I'm getting from my new line are, "God bless you" or "Oh, I'm sorry". I get a few, "Oh, it'll just be..." and that's when I put the baby or the closest screaming child on the phone. That usually does it.

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