Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If I Could be a Superhero...

I'm drawing up plans for my costume now.

Rubber girl. Reaching in the backseat to find a tut (pacifier) in the deepest crevice of a car seat and blindly poking it around until it finally lands in Benjamin's mouth. By the way, this is a lot harder to do when the car is stopped! Am I the only one that has babies that cry out in crippling pain every time the car stops moving??

Monkey toes. Yup, just what you're thinking - I pick stuff up with my toes. I'm really good at it and can pick up almost anything. I think I perfected this when I was pregnant, but it's been a lifesaver with a newborn too. Hubby has set limits, though, and has begged me not to pick up anything that will go in any one's mouth.

One-armed wonder. Benjamin is tiny and so new to this world that everything is strange, loud and scary to him. So he just wants to be near his chichis me. I don't really think I understood this as a new mom and it would frustrate me that Allie would cry so much, but now I get it. So, Mr. Benjamin is always on me and if he's not in a wrap, that means I only have only one arm available. This is a pretty common supermom talent though. They even have a cookbook just for and by a One-armed Wonder Mom! One-Armed Cook


Anonymous said...

I pick up things with my toes too all of the time! Once I was at a friends house and I picked up a brown little something that I thought was a piece of chocolate, let's just say it came out of her dog and it rimes with soup!

Crisa said...