Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My house is quiet

All day long, the house is filled with the sounds of tea parties (well it's coffee in this house and that should tell you something about mommy), blocks crashing, pots being thrown around in the kitchen, "Allie, be gentle", "No kitty!!!", "Are you listening to mommy????", and well you know, life noises. Right now, I'm sitting in total silence, something I never thought I would love and hate so much at the same time. I remember the first few months I was home with my brand new baby girl and I would wonder how on God's green earth would I spend the whole day at home. What would I do? Wouldn't I get bored and lonely? I can still hear the chuckles and snorts of experienced moms but they were kind enough to just tell me "It'll change, don't worry." CHANGE??? Ha, if that wasn't the understatement of the year. Now, silence is like chocolate around here.... I always want it, but when I have it I feel guilty. My babies are growing up so fast and we are so busy with life that I'm NEVER bored and I think I even forgot the meaning of lonely. I love it but sometimes I feel like I rush the day. Everything goes by so fast and when I look up it's a different month. Dear Lord make it slow down.

Prayers answered. Today for a precious two hours, time slowed down for us. I was having a bad day and everyone was suffering. It was just one of those days. You know, where you run into the wall, drop everything you touch, the kids make more mess than normal, you forgot about dinner.... you know just one of those days. It's not helping that it's 88 degrees in NOVEMBER!!!! So I found myself just being grouchy and wishing the day away. As I'm wallowing in my misery, my daughter is tugging at my arm and begging to go outside again. At first I was going to say no, we had just spent the morning playing outside but with one look into that cute face saying, "pppppppleeeeese mommy, ppppplease" I jumped up and we were out the door to play. Guess what? We had a great afternoon. Swings, slides, airplanes, grass, bugs and giggles. What more is there? All the things I was complaining about flew out the door with us and as I was sitting in the grass with my son, watching my daughter play, I whispered a Thank You. Thank you Lord for filling my day.

My house is quiet now, but in 7 hours it will be filled with renditions of the ABC's, teredactal squeals, and life again.

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