Friday, April 25, 2008

Rest in peace

I'm brain dead, dontcha know?? Well that's what most people assume when they find out that I stay home and invest my time in the future of our world, by raising bright, outgoing, creative and productive children. I MUST be bored since I have blocks of time in my day when I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do. I should probably just pack up the rest of my brain cells and donate them to someone who will actually use them, right??

Ha! Every mom who stays home is either steaming or laughing their butt of reading this crap! I had a "real" job at one time in my life and yes it was filled with projects, papers, and dressy clothes, but it also had crappy bosses, deadlines, and a lot of STRESS! The stress hasn't completely left my life, but it's a different kind of stress. Stress to make every moment count, stress to make the right decisions to teach my children a life lesson, not the kind of stress that raises your blood pressure or makes you hate life.

I'm not brain dead, I'm just using a different part of my brain now. Life is slower. I'm more patient even though some days when I lose my patience it makes up for all the days I am patient. I have time now. Time to pay attention to things and not half ass things. I have the time and creativity to do all those really fun projects I always wanted to be able to do. I'm enjoying my life, brain dead and all! So without further adu, here are my little projects for this past month.
A's secret hide-away

Bib clips

Art display


bellebearberry said...

Crisa -
you did such a great job on all of those - I love the art project wall!!

But I have to say - this is my biggest issue these days " even though some days when I lose my patience it makes up for all the days I am patient. "

Thank you for putting it into words.

Rebecca said...

Love love love the projects... I wonder if I could do a hideaway in the boys playroom? You know, except a boy looking one :) Hmmm I may need to ask you for help with that!

Crisa said...

Becca I think a boy hideaway would be fun! Maybe a knight's tent or teepee.

Anonymous said...

A teepee! I love it. That's a great idea! Hey look, you have some brain cells left after all! :)