Monday, April 14, 2008

Sometimes I look at my husband when he's busy reading or doing some mundane task and I think about how much our relationship has changed. I'm a practical person and when I fell in love with my husband I contemplated all aspects of our future together, not just love. Is he a decent person? Do we have the same morals? Would he protect me if aliens landed and tried to take over the world? Would he choose work over family? Will he love me forever? ... You know the run of the mill marriage interview questions. Now I look at him and I'm so glad that I chose him.

A few days ago my husband came home and Allie ran straight into his arms. She wrapped her little hands so tightly around his neck that you could see her little muscles flex without her shirt on. For the next 45 minutes she didn't let go. We have no idea what happened that day, or what she dreamt of during her nap that made her feel the need to cling to her daddy that afternoon. When she finally let go at dinner time, she looked happy and the world was right again.

Every day that passes I have the joy of witnessing my husband's relationship with his daughter. It brings back so many memories of my childhood and my relationship with my Dad. To a little girl, daddy is the bravest, strongest and smartest man that ever existed. His hugs heal your hurt, his smile dries your tears, his stern voice steers you in the right direction, and his hands can magically lift you higher than any bird could fly.

So to all the fathers of daughters out there, know this... YOU are the center of this little girl's world. You will shape her relationship with men for the rest of her life. You are responsible for the self-esteem and confidence she will bring to her relationships with boys. You are in charge of showing her how she deserves to be treated by other men, and what is and isn't acceptable. You are the only one in your family that knows how to protect and prepare your daughter for the years of love, and heartache she will encounter.

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Rebecca said...

So so so so so sweet Crisa!!