Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Waiting on a Woman

I heard this song in the car for the first time today. Ok I'll give you a minute to listen to it, if you're not a country fan and haven't heard it already.

Back? Ok, so I'm sitting in the car and thinking ...hey I like this song...I wonder if my hubby has heard it...of course he has...I'm sure he knows all the damn lyrics already...how in the hell does he do that...I can't even remember my cell phone number...man I love Brad... I wish hubby had an old man to tell him that he shouldn't mind waiting on me...who am I kidding I wish I had Brad...I bet he'd wait for me without getting so pissy...Damn I love cowboys...I wonder if hubby would wear boots, if I bought him some... ooo maybe some kicker jeans... HAHA...ok no really, why do guys get so mad...if they're waiting, that means they're not helping, right?

So then I start thinking about men always complaining about waiting on women. It's total CRAP!!! You hear me guys!!! CRAP!!! Do you know why you guys are always waiting? Because women are the ones doing everything while, you are sitting your little rear ends on the bench waiting. So don't pat yourself on the backs so quickly for being good husbands and waiting patiently for us. Maybe if YOU would have called for reservations, balanced the budget to see if we have enough money, helped pack the diaper bag, cleaned up the kitchen, dressed the kids, feed the cat, turned off the T.V, turned on the alarm, and locked the doors, WE would have enough time to get dressed and not keep you waiting.


Netspartyof6 said...

Oh sista.. ME TOO.. I love me some Brad Paisley

Anonymous said...