Thursday, May 15, 2008

Give it to me goooood, baby!

Having someone watch you workout is like having sex with them. Sweating, grunting, exerting yourself, and damn, all of the faces you make while lifting weights. All this while my instructor is sweating, grunting and yelling "Come on just a little more." "Come on, come on, give me a little more!"
Yeah, so I gave it all to him today. All that I could and I walked out of that class hot, sore and feeling satisfied. hee
I'm surprised at how much I'm really enjoying working out. I never realized to could be as mentally and emotionally exhausting as it is physically. My last experience with lifting weights scarred me for a few years. I would go to the gym with my boyfriend who is now my husband and I loved the intimacy of working out with him. Unfortunately, the gym we went to was across the street from a strip joint, so there were lots of body builders and dancers (read - really hot and slutty) shaking there ass all over the place. Well not really shaking because not one part of their body jiggled. Didn't really do much for my confidence or hygiene. yuck. Anyways, I soon discovered that there was another benefit to lifting weights, aside from the obvious. Grown men with shorts way to tight and short were walking around with full blown erections!!! Yes you read that right, boners, woody, full salute, hard on, chubby, stiffy, pitching a tent, morning glory.... whatever you call it, I found myself staring at it the whole hour I was there. It really freaked me out and at seventeen I just couldn't work out next to all that.... excitement.
So now I work out with women my age and older and I'm very thankful for the lack of enthusiasm!

I think I'll save us all from a picture with this post.

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