Thursday, May 1, 2008

You CAN do it!!

So yeah, where were my "You can do it!" cheerleaders? It seems like everyone one around us is contracting out the smallest DIY projects in their homes nowadays. Now I know my husband and I aren't the handiest homeowners on the block, but come on people!! How about a little encouragement? We're not afraid to get too dirty and we ARE fairly intelligent people, so why can't we blow our own insulation???? ** Ok now that we've actually done this, I'm laughing at myself!***Well, bogged down with encouraging words Hubby and I somehow managed to get out the door and mingle with the handiest of the handy at Home Depot.

After five years of enjoying a 2000 sq. ft. sauna in the summer, Martin and I decided that this year, we would like to enjoy the 100+ temps OUTSIDE only. So we emerged ourselves in the wonderful world of insulation. Mucho dinero later we were off with our bundles of eco-friendly insulation and a machine that looked like that weird little robot from Teletubbies. Nunu??? yeah that show freaks me out too and so did the insulation blower.

So five hours later and LOTS of lessons learned, our house is insulated. And by house I mean the WHOLE HOUSE!!! The sofas, tables, floors, bedrooms, and yes even the kitchen sink. grrr. Well, mess aside, I really enjoyed our project last weekend. I love, LOVE seeing my husband do sweaty, manly things and I love the feeling of doing something difficult with my own hands.

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Rebecca said...

Hee! We did this in GA and it IS messy... but we blew it into the attic so it only got in the garage and the attic.