Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Imperfect is Beautiful

I've been thinking about my post all day and I forgot an important one.

Imperfect IS beautiful. I have a big nose and long sideburns. I can remember people making comments about these things, but I also remember my Mom telling me my sideburns were beautiful, because they were part of my heritage. My Dad loves my nose, because it's his. All of the "imperfections" of my body are unique to me and make me special. Now that I'm a mother, my body wears the marks of motherhood and I'm proud of them. No, saggy boobs, stretch marks and a jiggly stomach aren't the physical attributes women desire, but I love how my body reflects my life and is home to all the people and memories I cherish.


Kelly said...

Thanks so much for sharing this piece of yourself - so honest, so gracious! You've certainly made all of us think with this discussion. :) You're beautiful!

Crisa said...

Thank you so much, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

You have always been beautiful inside and out. I love your sideburns!