Monday, May 12, 2008

I like for my house to be clean. I do, but this is getting out of control. I'm cleaning things daily and hourly that B.C. I would only clean once a month!! My list just for TODAY!

  • The walls! Yes the freakin' walls!!

  • Under the sofa. Maybe I should stuff crap under the sofas myself so that it's intentional and part of my decor.

  • A's play kitchen. I know it's more fun to "cook" with real food, but Dear Lord child, I already have one kitchen to clean.

  • Oh, IN the sofa. We don't need no stinkin' trash can, mom! We've got five little garbage shoots right here in the sofa!

  • Butts, faces and hands. Maybe if I can convince them that they are supposed to be dirty, then they'll keep them clean???

1 comment:

george said...

Hey, I love your blog, I kind of lets me and your Mom into your personal life. With the kids and your hubby. Its good. you know I was telling your Tia Chris the same thing. That we as brother and sister don't really know much about what really gone on in each other life. Beside the I am doing good and so are you. But this blog makes laugh and cry sometimes, but its good its tears of joy and that you and your family go through a lot of what we did we you guys were small. Mom was reading last night and she was just laughing and then she pause and said ( Pay back is hell) you go Allie LOL