Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mommy, he's touching meeeeeeeeee

Yes, "Mommy, he's touching me" is the number one hit in our house, sung by the lovely yet agitating Allie.

We have graduated to the next stage in our little game of LIFE. This must be the part where the mommy and daddy take the little pink baby and blue baby in the back of their car and toss them out because they keep fighting. Five and six I expected, maybe even four and five, but ONE and TWO!!!! Dear Lord please let M stop touching A and please Lord make A understand that yelling "STOP TOUCHING ME!" only encourages her brother and drives mommy crazy.

Is it ok to pray for things like that?? I hope so, but even if they don't I'll continue to ask because it at least scares the kids into thinking that mommy is losing it and that buys me a few minutes of quiet, even if it's because their mouths are hanging open from shock/fear/amazement?

There are some pluses to the kids playing together more now. For one, those few moments when they are getting along are pure bliss. I stop and just stare at how beautiful siblings are. The one relationship in this world that goes so deep and far back that you lose track of the beginning. They will never not know what it's like to not have each other. The grew in the same womb, nursed from the same breast, play together and now fight together.

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Anonymous said...

At 4 and 5 is when they will come out with a new hit called "Mommy he's looking at me".

I'm told it get better...once they move out.