Friday, May 30, 2008


I HATE, H.A.T.E. to do anything with my car. HATE!! When people ask you those silly scenario questions like, "Would you prefer a maid, personal trainer or nanny?" My answer would be a chauffeur. I like the freedom of a car, but NONE of the responsibility. I don't even like to stop and put gas in the thing.

Should I be so bold as to say that most women feel the same way? Maybe their hate isn't as strong, but I think that most women don't jump with joy when their car needs to be tweaked. Fortunately for them, some women marry a partner that does, so there's a trade off of sorts. I'll take the laundry if you take the car. Not in my house, so most times I'm stuck with the laundry AND the car. Don't start rolling your eyes yet, because I don't let my husband get away with it. He has to suffer as much as I do! So when my car broke down today I called my husband knowing he couldn't really help but damnit I wasn't sitting on the side of the road by myself!

Well today was just perfect. Purrrrfect! I had already taken the damn car in for $600 worth of repairs a few days ago and I thought they had fixed it, but apparently my logical reasoning isn't what it used to be. So, I had my car and I thought we were all set for our field trip to the water park downtown. I packed all of our lunches, bathing suits, towels, sunscreen, change of clothes and more and more crap into the car. Downtown. ack. I know that word doesn't usually strike fear in your hearts, but it does mine. One night, many moons ago, wrong way on a one way....scarred for life. No problem, I wrote very specific directions on this little sheet of paper, right next to my....oh shit... right next to the money for the meter on the damn kitchen counter. A few close calls and panicked calls to my husband later, I made it to the park. I searched the floor boards for change and we're finally there! I had it planned perfect. We played hard, ate a good lunch and I even changed the kids before we got into the car, so they would fall asleep on the way home and I could enjoy the pure bliss of nap time. Purrrrrfect.

On the way home, the easy listening music I had on to lull the kids to sleep cuts off. Damn. No lights. Damn. No air. Damn, damn. The car is in distress and starts calling out for help by flashing every red warning light it had. She was a good girl and took us as far away from the freeway as she could before she puttered her last breath. Damn! Nap time bliss died with my car, right there, on the side of the road, three miles from the house. Three stinkin' miles. My babies were asleep and all I wanted to do was get home. I drop my head on the steering wheel, let out a little moan and maybe an ugly word or two and I surrender. I called Martin and he sounded annoyed but I only had a few seconds to get him to understand how being stuck on a busy street with two sleeping kids in 90 heat was an emergency. "GET YOUR ASS HERE NOW!" I think I'm a good communicator, don't you? 4 seconds flat and then the phone dies. Yup, dies. Car, nap time and phone.... DEAD!

So now I'm stranded, I don't know if my husband is coming so I rolled the windows down to let some of the steam out and popped the hood. That's what you're supposed to do if you need help, right? I get back in the car, because cars are racing passed me like a cop is chasing them or something. I sit and wait...and wait...and wait. Oh wait, someone's stopping...nope just stopping at a red light. Oh, a cop....aaaaand it passes me by. Ok, she's stopping....oh, thank God...wait is she just LOOKING at me? Bitch. What the hell is wrong with people? Oh go ahead mister, just stare and MOOOOOVE ON! HA, oops that was my help. I guess he did get the message and once again he came to my rescue even though he couldn't really DO anything other than make arrangements. My FIL came to jump my car, but that didn't work so Hubby had them come tow the car and by coincidence my Dad was passing by so he took us home. So we're home now and I'm sure in a few hours when everyone is asleep for the night, my body temperature will finally return to normal, I'll look back at my pictures and maybe, just maybe all I'll remember are these cute faces.


missy said...

Love the pics from the water park. The one of Allie is really remarkable!

Sorry about the car trouble. Sometimes cars, like computers, are more trouble than they're worth.

Crisa said...

Thanks I love the pic too. Thankfully the car is being fixed and I'll have it back by Monday. Hopefully in good shape this time.